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There are a lot of reasons to consider replacing dentures with dental implants. One is that implants do a better job of mimicking the relationship between natural teeth and your jawbone, resulting in a more natural bite and a stronger, healthier jaw.

But the benefits of dental implants don’t stop with your bite and the health of your jawbone. There are cosmetic benefits to consider as well.

A More Natural Smile and a Younger Appearance

You may already know that not replacing your missing roots will result in bone loss. But did you know this bone loss can also have an effect on your appearance, resulting in a smile that lacks volume and definition? Moreover, the longer you go without replacing your missing roots, the more your smile will “collapse.”

Dental implants can turn this around by restoring volume to your lips, mouth, and face, resulting in a fuller, younger appearance. Think of the whole process as something like a “dental facelift.”

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