Look Younger, Feel Better with Implant-Retained Dentures from Dr. Ajmo

Look Younger, Feel Better with Implant-Retained Dentures from Dr. Ajmo

PGA Dentistry
March 22, 2013
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Does a complete smile help you look younger? Yes, and in more ways than you might think! Dr. Jay Ajmo, Palm Beach Garden’s go-to implant dentist for years, offers implant-retained dentures at PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry for a youthful look and a secure, confident smile.

Implant-Retained Dentures Replace Missing Teeth

It’s no secret that missing teeth make you look older. With the preventive and restorative dentistry available today, most people equate tooth loss with aging. Even a single missing tooth gives the impression that you’re older. Chances are if you’ve lost an entire arch of teeth, people assume you’ve reached “that age”. Dr. Ajmo knows that there is more to tooth loss than aging. Accident, injury, and disease can all play a hand. By replacing missing teeth with an implant-retained dentureDr. Ajmo can provide you with a complete smile, turning back the clock!

Implant-Retained Dentures Stop Jawbone Loss

Did you know that when you lose a tooth, your jawbone suffers? Holding the tooth’s root gives the jawbone a purpose. Remove the root and bone begins to atrophy. When all the teeth of the upper or lower arch are missing, the loss of bone mass significantly contributes to an aged appearance. Dental implants stop this process by replacing the tooth’s root with an implant post. As bone naturally fuses with the post, it also creates a solid foundation for your denture.

Implant-Retained Dentures Support Facial Structure

Your teeth help to support facial muscles and cheeks, making your face look rounder and younger. Just a few missing teeth allow muscles to sag and cheeks to appear sunken, aging you before your time. By replacing your teeth with natural-looking implant-retained dentures, muscles are held up and cheeks plumped. The benefit? A younger look and a great smile!

Want to find out more about implant-retained denturesCall PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry and schedule your consultation today. We serve Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Juno Beach, Tequesta, and other communities in the South Florida region with exceptional general, cosmetic, and implant dentistry!

PGA Dentistry
April 30, 2020

Disinfection and sterilization are two crucial decontamination processes that are performed in medical and dental offices. Any good dental practice will have robust protocols for carrying out these processes, the purpose of which is to ensure that any medical and surgical instruments being used do not transmit infectious pathogens to patients.

PGA Dentistry
March 31, 2020

If you are looking to transform the appearance of your smile, you may be considering getting porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments and can improve the way your teeth look in just two appointments. Each veneer is custom-designed for a specific tooth and is created in the perfect shape, size, and color needed to naturally enhance its appearance. The process to fit dental veneers is simple too and takes place over two visits to your dentist. The first is used to prepare whichever teeth are being covered with porcelain veneers. This involves administering local anesthetic so that a little of the enamel can be removed, which will ensure that the veneers do not make the tooth appear too thick. Impressions are then taken which will be used to create your veneers before you are fitted with a temporary device and can leave. The second appointment, a week or two later, will involve checking the fit of your veneers and securing them permanently in place.

PGA Dentistry
February 29, 2020

Porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns are options to restore your teeth. They can improve both the function and the look of your teeth. However, the main difference is that a porcelain veneer only covers the front of your tooth. A crown will cover the entire tooth. Before deciding which one is right for you, you will want to understand the differences between them. Both of the procedures have good success rates.