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People, who suffer from heartburn, or acid reflux, usually suffer a double whammy: a threat to good oral health often accompanies uncomfortable symptoms such as throat irritation, gagging, and a bitter taste.

Stomach acids are meant to flow through the digestive system, but for people with reflux, acid will actually flow up into the esophagus and sometimes even into the throat and mouth which may have an impact on your smile.  Teeth have a neutral pH of 5.5, but stomach acid, as you would expect, is much more acidic at a pH level of 2.0.  Because of this, reflux will erode tooth enamel, inviting sensitivity, pain, and discoloration.  Bad breath may also become chronic.

If you suffer from acid reflux, please seek treatment from your doctor and call PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry in Palm Beach Gardens, FL at: (561) 627-8666 to see Dr. Jay Ajmo so he can make sure your teeth are protected.



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