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Bruxism, the often unconscious habit of clenching and grinding your teeth, can run in families.  Stress is the most frequent cause.  Some children grind, but it is most common in 20 to 40 year olds.  Three times as many women do it, yet it has also been linked with apnea – multiple cessation of breathing through the night – which is more common in men.  Male or female, whatever your age, bruxism can damage your teeth and dental restorations and cause jaw and facial pain and headaches.

Dr. Jay Ajmo at PGA Dentistry can check you for …

·          Signs of bruxism

·         Problems with your bite

·         The need for a custom night guard or splint

Your doctor can recommend…

·         Stress counseling

·         Exercise &/or physiotherapy

·         Medication

You can try to…

·         Change sleep positions

·         Avoid alcohol and caffeine

·         Refrain from chewing on pens, pencils, gum, and fingernails.


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