One of the things we are seeing more often is patients choosing dentistry as a non-surgical alternative to a face-lift.  The secret is to select the right cosmetic techniques to reshape and re-proportion the face, rather than just focusing on the mouth.  Whether you’re a mature adult who requires more volume to soften wrinkles, or a younger person whose appearance is prematurely aged from bone loss due to gum disease, it’s a great option and it’s one that can produce excellent results.

Veneers can be applied to the teeth to do more than mask enamel stains, cracks, and fill small gaps.  They can also create greater facial volume and add length which can open up your bite, making you look instantly younger.  Crowns made from natural-looking materials to match your own tooth enamel can protect and strengthen teeth and fill gaps from tooth loss.  Combining them with permanent dental implants and crown and bridge restorations can create a more youthful esthetic and proportion to your face. 

The results of a smile makeover can help you look significantly younger without undergoing plastic surgery.  If you think you might be interested, Dr. Ajmo would be happy to talk to you about your smile and show you options we think will work for you.




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