About Cosmetic Dental Bridges in Jupiter, FL

added on: August 30, 2019

At PGA Dentistry, we offer a variety of treatment options in aesthetic dentistry for our patients in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Call our experienced staff today at 5612200700 to Schedule A Consultation, and we can discuss all of your options to replace a lost permanent tooth or teeth.

Losing a Permanent Tooth

At PGA Dentistry, we know that there are a variety of reasons that permanent teeth can be lost. We often see tooth loss from a traumatic injury, decay, or infection. Even a person’s genetics can play a role in the reasons that people lose their teeth. Regardless of the reason for your tooth loss, we offer the best aesthetic dentistry options for patients in Jupiter. One of the most common techniques is the use of a cosmetic dental bridge.

Understanding Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a special dental device that helps to restore the appearance and function of your lost teeth. This device is made from two or more crowns that are anchored to “abutment” teeth and a false tooth or teeth located between them. The abutment teeth are fitted with a crown that places the false tooth between them. In essence, the process creates a dental implant that looks like a bridge, giving them their name.

There are a variety of different types of dental implants, and each has specific benefits or drawbacks depending on where they are located in your mouth. Teeth that are readily visible when you smile, talk, or eat are more likely to be made of a material that matches your natural tooth color to help disguise the dental work.

Bridges that are located toward the back of the mouth to replace molar teeth are often subjected to higher levels of grinding and increased pressure, while they are less likely to be visible. These bridges are often made of materials that can handle the increased wear, without having to worry as much about matching the look of neighboring teeth.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

There are several advantages of dental bridges, and each patient may prioritize the list of benefits according to their own needs and desires. However, it is often a great idea to understand all of the different ways that dental bridges can offer improvements to your life.

  • Bridges help to restore the appearance of your smile.
  • Bridges restore the function of your mouth and allow you to chew, and speak like you normally would.
  • Dental bridges can help restore the appearance of your facial features. Missing teeth can often alter the way that your cheeks and facial structure look.
  • Help to distribute the chewing force normally across all of your teeth. Patients who are missing teeth will often favor one side or part of their mouth over another.
  • Bridges can maintain the position of your current teeth. When you are missing teeth, the neighboring teeth are more likely to twist and shift because there is nothing holding them in place. Cosmetic bridges can help to maintain that space and keep teeth in their proper location.


If you are looking to improve your smile and replace one or more of your teeth in Jupiter, Florida, call our offices today. The friendly and professional staff at PGA Dentistry are here to assist with all of your cosmetic dental needs. Call 5612200700 now to schedule your appointment and get the smile you deserve!

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