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One of the most important decisions you can make in terms of your overall health is which dentist to trust to restore teeth and your smile. Dr. Jay Ajmo and his team at PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry value you as a patient and strive to consistently provide outstanding care. We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to the quality of the dentistry we provide, whether your needs are Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry or General and Restorative Dentistry. All services are available with Oral or IV Sedation, so you can be sure you'll receive the care you need without the stress or discomfort often associated with visiting the dentist. Our goal is to make you feel special when you see us and to provide you with outstanding results so you'll be truly happy with your smile.

About Dr. Jay Ajmo

Dr. Jay Ajmo has been practicing cosmetic, implant and reconstructive dentistry in Palm Beach Gardens since 1987. Dr. Ajmo has advanced post-doctorate credentials that set him apart from others in that he is continually updating his skills and techniques to the highest levels of care, holding internationally recognized certifications in Cosmetic DentistryDental ImplantologyRecontsructive Dentistry and is a Board-Certified IV Sedation Dentist. He is recognized as one of the most accomplished cosmetic and implant dentists in South Florida, having received numerous awards for his naturally beautiful smile designs.

Complete Care-One Facility

Our Palm Beach Gardens practice is a unique state-of-the-art facility designed to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and stress free during your visits. We are equipped with much of the latest technology in dentistry including 3D CT Scans, Digital x-rays, digital impressions and lasers to provide optimum care with your total comfort and safety in mind. Offering all the latest cosmetic, restorative and implant services in one location creates a setting designed for optimum treatment and outstanding patient satisfaction. Board Certification in Oral and IV sedation takes our patient care to a much higher level.

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Welcome to PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry in Palm Beach Gardens, where we offer cosmetic, implant, reconstructive, and sedation dentistry. Welcome to PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry in Palm Beach Gardens, where we offer cosmetic, implant, reconstructive, and sedation dentistry. Enlarge Video View All Videos

Innovative Techniques

We incorporate the latest techniques in all aspects of care, utilizing the most proven and esthetically natural materials for cosmetic smile designs, teeth restoration, full mouth reconstruction and dental implant restoration. We use only the finest dental labs available to custom design smiles that look natural and beautiful. Empress Porcelain Veneers and E-max Porcelain Crowns offer the strongest and most naturally esthetic restorations available in modern dentistry.

Teeth Next Day™ offers patients with failing or missing teeth to have replacement teeth placed in just ONE DAY.

The Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridge is a permanently fixed, implant supported solution for individuals suffering with failing or missing teeth or for those who wear dentures. Zirconia will never chip, crack or break like acrylic implant supported options and is one of the most esthetic implant supported options available.

IV Sedation allows someone who may be fearful of the dentist or suffering with major dental problems to undergo multiple procedures simultaneously with absolutely no stress or discomfort. We are one of the only dental facilities in all of South Florida to offer all of these advanced services in one location.

Our Unique Philosophy

Our practice is dedicated to providing exceptional care to adults of all ages in an environment that gives you the attention you deserve and provides you the confidence to know you've chosen the right office for your dental care. Our practice combines over 25 years of experience with compassion and a kind, gentle touch. Our goal is to make every dental visit a pleasant and stress-free experience.


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